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Our Mission statement.

Charge-A-Lot is a division of H&H Services. This division was started late in 2009 for the purpose of the installation, service and repairing of the electrical vehicle charging stations. It is the intentions of Charge-A-Lot to install and maintain the electrical vehicle charging network in southern Tennessee, Alabama and in Georgia. Services include prepaid access of level 1 and 2 chargers throughout southern Tennessee installed by September 1,2011. We will also providing roadside assistance with level 2 charging in our network area. There will be a charge of $19.99 per month for this service. If you have any questions please feel free to email one of us here at the office listed below.



Bryan Haynes - President and site assessment  bryan@chargealot.com

Buddy Haynes-Vice President of Marketing and Media Communications buddy@chargealot.com




Our Partner    


We want to thank our partners for helping to make all this possible for those in need of these charging units. We believe that we have chosen the best two products on the market to serve our customers. We will be using these two brands of products to accommodate our customers needs at any given level of charging at different locations. These locations are being established as the weeks go by. 

Square D



News and Events

April 25, 2011

Charge-A-Lot  has started stocking and delivery of the Square D level 2 home charging stations. We anticipate delivery of the Square D commercial level 2 charging stations in early June. Negotiations are ongoing with the location owners for the level 2 charging network.

April 27,2011

Charge-A-Lot would like to announce that there has been an agreement signed and contracted with Go Smart Technologies for the delivery of the control modules to be used for the roadside assistance modules (RAM). Go Smart Technologies was able to meet the specifications laid out by Charge-A-Lot for our roadside assistance modules. These units will be run off a roadside assistance generator. We anticipate testing and delivery of these to be completed by July of 2011. We will also be using Go Smart charging equipment at some of our Charge-A-Lot locations. Go Smart Technologies will also be supplying test equipment


October 30th, 2011



Thank you for your interest in our Business


Bryan Haynes - President and site assessment    bryan@chargealot.com

Buddy Haynes-Vice President of Marketing and Media Communications buddy@chargealot.com